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CCSS ELA Standards Cohort 1 Discussion Protocols Reading Center Activities Grade 1 ELA Skills Unit 1 Gr. 1 Informative Task Cohort 2.0 Gr1 ELA Handouts ELA ESC North Resoures MATH ESC NORTH RESOURCES Cohort 2.0 G1 Math Handouts CA CCSSM GR1 Math 1 Pager CA CCSSM Framework 1 Rekenrek as a Visual Model Problem Type Gr1 Tasks Mathematics Gr1 ELA/ELD Framework Gr.TK-1 Foundational Skills K-1 Student Center Activities Grade 1 ELA Skills Unit 2 Gr. 1 Informative Unit GR 1 CA CCSS ELA 1 Pager Gr 1 Cohort 2 PPT Math Videos Cohort PowerPoint Fluency Carousel CA Framework Appendix F Quick Images Video Learning to Think NC Mathematics First Grade Module 1: Sums and Differenc... CA Framework CHAPTER 2 Treasures Activities Aligned to CCSS Grade 1 ELA Skills Unit 3 K-5 Close Reading Lessons ESCN Close Reading Gr 1 ELA Look Fors K-2 Collections Video GrK Mathematics Look-Fors Number Talk Ten-Frame 8+6 Curriculum Map Grade 1 Number Frames App Number Rack App North Carolina First Grade Module 2: Place Value to 20 ELA/ELD Framework CA Text Complexity K-2 Strategies-Phonemic Awareness Grade 1 ELA Skills Unit 4 Close Reading Posters The Kite Lesson Gr 1
7 Soccer Balls GK Video Illustrative Mathematics Gr1 Van de Walle Rekenreks Directions Module 3: Measurements Pig Parade Flow Map DIBELS Next Assessment Manual The Hungry Thing Grade 1 ELA Skills Unit 5 Describe Characters/Events Walkie Talkie Posters School of Fish Video Gr1 At the Park 1.OA.1 Using a Beaded Number Line How to Make a Rekenrek Nina's Numbers Module 4: Place Value to 40 Pig Parade Lesson Gr 1 DIBELS Next Testing Materials Critter Sitter Grade 1 ELA Skills Unit 6 Text Features Nonfiction Text Frog and Toad Puppets K-3 Close Reading Tasks Assessing Fluency Faster Isn't Smarter Lepracon Traps Video Gr1 Daisies In Vases 1.OA.2 Quick Images App Fun In the Snow Module 5: Shapes Gr. 1 MELD Opinion Lesson DIBELS Next Tutorials Reading Intervention Center Grade 1 ELA Skills Unit 7 Text-Based Answers PB & J Cards Addition Fluency 7 Games for Math Facts Baseball Cards G2 Video Weather Graph Data 1.MD.4 Developing Number Concepts beads Grade 1 Focus Module 6: Place Value to 100 Gr.1 MELD Opinion Resources mClass- LAUSD Phonemic Awareness Lessons Continuum Cards Close Reading Defending the Ridiculous Fact Mastery Through Games ESC South Videos Gr1 Discussion Protocols Ten Flashing Fireflies Lesson Plan beads Pillars of First Grade Math NJ Model Curriculum Grade 1