Ch 1--Ice Cream Van Ch 1--traffic jam Ch 1--delivery trucks Ch 1--rational/irrational nu... Ch 1--animal population Ch 1--Felicia's Drive Ch 1--taxes and sales Ch 2--number towers (1st pag... Ch 2--magic squares Ch 2--how old are they? Ch 2--how does the solution ... Ch 2--same solutions Ch 2--Harvesting (hard probl... Ch 2--selling oil (hard prob... Ch 2--planes and wheat Ch 2--buying a car Ch 2--equations Ch 4--penny (unit conversion) Ch 4--bus and car Ch 4--runners' world (unit c... Ch 5--function notation Ch 5--quick warm up for func... Ch 5--function?
Ch 5--bank account (writing ... Ch 5--kitchen floor tiles Ch 5--paying the rent Ch 6--printing tickets Ch 5--weather graphs Ch 5--quick domain and range... Ch 5--function notation crit... Ch 5--hexagons Ch 5--conference tables Ch 6--writing constraints Ch 6--weed killer (unit rate) Ch 6--taxi Ch 7--cash box Ch 7--mixing candies Ch 7--mixing fertilizer Ch 7--fishing adventures Ch 7--weighing pennies Ch 7--comparing graphs Ch 7--coffee Ch 7--quinoa pasta Ch 7--growing coffee Ch 7--dimes and quarters Ch 7--Kimi and Jordan Ch 8--physics professor Ch 8--rational exponents Ch 8--lake algae Ch 8--interest problem w/exc... Ch 8--linear or exponential Ch 8--exponential vs linear ... Ch 8--population and food Ch 8--equations and inequali... Ch 9--number towers (2nd pag... Ch 9--trina's triangles Ch 9--equivalent expressions Ch 10--linear and quadratic ... Ch 10--linear and circle sys... Ch 10--linear and quadratic ... Ch 10--quadratic Ch 10--quadratic function Ch 10--two squares are equal Ch 10--breaking distance Ch 10--throwing a ball Ch 10--springboard dive Ch 10--quadratic graphs quic... Stats Stats Stats Ch 10--quadratic and linear ... Ch 10--sorting functions (al...

Algebra 1 Resources

Algebra 1 application problems arranged by chapter. These problems are similar to Smarter Balanced items.

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