The Columbian Exchange Jamestown Colony The House of Burgesses Expla... Colonizing America Moving to the Colonies The New England Colonies The Middle Colonies The Quakers, Dutch, and Ladi... Pennsylvania, the Quaker's The Southern Colonies Colonial America 1497-1763 "Common Sense" Explained Paul Revere's Ride Guide to the Dec of Ind Colonialism in America Expla... Triangular Trade Explained The French & Indian War French and Indian War 7 Years War & Great Awakening The Albany Plan of Union Exp... Taxes & Smuggling The Boston Massacre Explaine... Tea, Taxes, Amer Revolution The Boston Tea Party Causes of the American Rev The Declar of Independence Dragging cannons American Rev Explained The Bill of Rights Hand Game Bill of Rights How to Remember the Amend The First Amendment The Second Amendment
Who Won the Amer Rev Treaty of Paris 1783 DONT confuse the Dec/Ind, Co... The Third Amendment The Fourth Amendment The Fifth Amendment The Sixth Amendment The Seventh Amendment Articles of Confederation Articles of Confederation The Northwest Ordinance Shays's Rebellion Explained Constitutional Conv of 1787 Federalist vs Anti-Federalist The Eighth Amendment The Ninth Amendment The Tenth Amendment The 13th Amendment The 14th Amendment The Constitution, the Articl... The Great Compromise Explain... 3/5ths Compromise Preamble to the Constitution Article I - Legislative Bran... Article II - Executive Branch Article III-Judiciary Branch The 15th Amendment The 19th Amendment The 26th Amendment George Washington "O.G." Whiskey Rebellion Explained Whiskey Rebellion Illustrate... Washington's Foreign Policy Checks and Balances The Elastic Clause Explained The Amendment Procedure The Supremacy Clause How a Bill Becomes a Law The Electoral College Where US Politics Came From Jay's Treaty Pinckney's Treaty Hamilton vs Jefferson Alexander Hamilton Jefferson vs. Alexander Rap The Farewell Address Growth of Political Parties XYZ Affair The XYZ Affair Alien and Sedition Acts Nullification KY-VA Resoluti...

8th US History Videos-A

A Video Collection for my 8th Grade U.S. History thru 1799. Videos from such professionals as Keith Hughes, CrashCourse, Tom Richey, Mr. Zoller, Mr Betts Class, and more.

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